Shimmer and Shine in Home Decor

Soap Hearts Hand-Painted with Shimmery Antique Gold

This article in The Seattle Times:  Shimmer makes a festive statement at home  made us think of our beautiful decorative soaps that shimmer and shine when we hand-paint them with metallic micas.  It looks like we are right on trend!  Our collection of shimmery soaps include seashells, flowers, hearts and some of our bar soaps.  You can find them at our Etsy Store: and at our website:

White Soap Flowers with metallic mica

Shimmery White Soap Flowers

Soap Seashells in Blue and Green

Shimmery Blue and Green Seashell Soaps


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2 responses to “Shimmer and Shine in Home Decor

  1. mary stephens

    How did you end up doing at the Phinney show? Well I hope!


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